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January 20, 2019, 7:56 am




French up-and-coming blues rockers Komodor fire their debut ep upon mankind! With guest appearances of the entire BLUES PILLS crew what we have here is an exceptional and amazing 4-tracker not to be missed by any fan of occult/blues/seventies rock or, of course, Blues Pills! TRACK LISTING 1. Still The Same 2. Join The Band 3. Nasty Habits 4. 1984




Genre:Black Metal

ICONIC BLACK METAL ALBUM RELEASED ON EXCLUSIVE VINYL FOR THE FIRST TIME! GATEFOLD LP, 16 PAGE LP SIZE BOOKLET, GOLD FOIL PRINT. BLACK VINYL, LIM.400! Formed in the pits of Bergen, DEATHCULT consists of Skagg (Gaahlskag, ex-Gorgoroth), Hoest (Taake) and Thurzur (Gaahlskagg, ex-Taake). The 2007 debut album CULT OF THE DRAGON is now finally receiving the exclusive vinyl treatment TRACK LISTING 1. New Evil 2. Anti Human = Anti Life 3. Cruel Celestial Spirits 4. Sieg Heil Satan 5. Man of Kutu 6. Future Denied 7. Desolate and Lucifer 8. Black Metal (The sign of Pure Evil)





Now on CD - with bonus tracks. The German ethno-krautrock supersession with a taste of late '60s west-coast vibes. Sun Temple Circus features members of a.o. Electric Family, Dissidenten, Mojo Club! In the beginning of 2014 Harry Payuta (sitar, bass, guitar, vocals), Tom THE PERC Redecker (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Marlon Klein (drums, percussion) and Jochen Schoberth (guitars) founded the project SUN TEMPLE CIRCUS and immediately decided to go on tour. Payuta had played with Mojo Club, The Electric Family and Tav Falco, Redecker came from The Electric Family, works solo as The Perc and is founder and chief of wellknown record label Sireena Records. Marlon Klein is longtime drummer of the famous ethno formation Dissidenten and Schoberth works with his several projects in the gothic/artrock scene. In mid-May the Circus started in Bayreuth, the finals took place on 28 May 2014 at the Lagerhaus in Bremen. Screen projections by oil filter projectors and kaleidoscopes and lots of fog were the coherent optical complement to the almost entirely psychedelic tinged tracks and brought something like Fillmore mood in the halls. At the concert in Bremen, the band welcomed guests on stage: The ex-Dry Halley keyboardist Andre Szigethy and ex Amnesia Vivace violinist Uli Bösking met the band for a jam session. The concert was recorded and released in a limited vinyl edition in 2015. Now it's released on CD - with bonus tracks from the tour. The recording was mixed and mastered by Marlon Klein at Exil Studio, Berlin. Be sure to hold truly fascinating sound document in your hand. A colored journey through ethnic / kraut / folk / rock realm with enthusiastic and inspiring musicians of today who consciously winking squinting at the huge jam pioneers of US West Coast scene of end of the Sixties. .."SUN TEMPLE CIRCUS is a fascinating collision of styles and sensibilities....moody keyboard atmospheres and psychedelic guitar treatments and fluidly sitar figures in certain songs contrast with the distinctive psycho-folk feel of others.. guitarist/vocalist Tom Redecker clearly has Big Rock aspirations, his deep baritone drama suggesting a cross between Jim Morrison, Thin White Rope's Guy Kaiser and Union Carbide Productions' Ebbot Lundberg." (Fred Mills in MAGNET, USA) "SUN TEMPLE CIRCUS's self-titled LP looks towards the US West Coast for musical inspiration while draping it with psychedelic overtones. Delicious!" (Paul Rigby/HiFi World, UK) Tracklisting: 01 Out Of India / 02 Lighthouse / 03 Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi / 04 Sun Madness / 05 Sun Killer / 06 Slide Out, Slide In





Long overdue re-release of one of the most exciting German music formations of the last 40 years! Tri Atma was founded in 1977 in Hannover. In 1978, the German-Indian band received a special prize at the first pop young talent festival of the German Phonoakademie, as they did not fit into any of the popular categories. The mixture of Indian folklore, jazz, rock and reggae was unusual in Germany at that time. But it was just this unusual mix that drew in the audience. Tri Atma were traveling a lot and got a loyal audience. The award ceremony was soon followed by a record deal with RCA as well as the release of the debut album "Tri Atma" in the original lineup: Asim Saha - Tablas, Manfred Flathe - Sitar, Jens Fischer - Guitar, Herbert Koschmieder - Flute and Sax, Martina Specht - Tamboura. This album will be reissued for the very first time on CD by Sireena Records - about 40 years later! Until 1989 more albums have been released on different labels, since the debut the sound of Tri Atma had changed a lot in these 10 years. From 1982 Asim and Jens worked with changing occupations and concepts mainly as a studio formation. The then new sampling technology and the first computer-controlled MIDI synthesizers also influenced the music of Tri Atma. Unmistakable in the center remained Asim's tabla grooves. With this release, Sireena Records follows the wishes of many music lovers and fans of Tri Atma, whose sound was new and exciting at the time, and still captivates with its vitality and originality. A true gem! Tracklisting: 01 What are you waiting for / 02 Tri Atma / 03 Sohag Chand (Folksong) / 04 Sometimes I'm happy / 05 In the Beginning / 06 We are just walking / 07 Nritya (Dance) / 08 Rain / 09 Ajit / 10 Ramu Ka (Folksong) / 11 Swabna (Dream)





The theatre, film and avant-garde musician UDO ERDENREICH (founding member of ZIGURI and musical director of TURA YA MOYA) takes us by the hand and leads us deep into his jewel palace filled with the most amazing musical delights. Unpublished recordings from three decades are finally being made available to the general public. * TaiChiTu - retrospect one * is the name of his first work, which now appears on SIREENA RECORDS. The title is a humorous and winking track about the so-called esoteric, world savior and miracle healer. Incidentally, humor has always played a major role in Erdenreich's work. "Without humor, nothing works and actually I'm a punk rocker", he says. In the tradition of Karl Valentin, Antonin Artaud, Herbert Achternbusch and the Dadaists, the artist, born in Neuburg / Donau and living in Berlin since the early 80s, lets us participate in his exuberant and intelligently oblique musical cosmos. We dive into pieces like "Affenhaus" which he recorded with his first band SPERRFEUER and in which he asks us the legitimate question about our stage of development and holds the primates mirror to humans. Then it goes to his project "THE PASSENGERS IN THE MIDDLE OF LIFE" With "Fieberspital", where the expected death not overtake the fever sick but the priest during his last rites. ERDENREICH plays with surprises and stylistic devices. Pieces like "Bundeslied" and "Kang Rinpoche"or "Ich habe gestern" and "Gesänge" are as far apart as if they were born in different parallel universes. But they all come from the universe of UDO ERDENREICH and we follow and understand it. Tracklisting: Seite 1 01 Axis Mundi / 02 Das Fieberspital / 03 Hafentraum / 04 Berlin Boost / 05 Affenhaus Seite 2 01 Sixsex / 02 Neo Eso / 03 Ich habe gestern / 04 Gesänge / 05 Bundeslied / 06 Ra Ta Ra / 07 Kang Rinpoche





the third full length album from composer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Sky aka Christopher Garcia. He is from Los Angeles, California. Employing guitar, rhodes piano, electronics and loops, Christopher Sky crafts soundscapes that feel boundless and expansive. Constantly evolving, each piece adopts nuanced textural and rhythmic motifs as both narrative devices and atmospheric signifiers. Sky’s deft handling of space and scale delivers some truly beatific vistas that are both inviting and transportive. Perfectly placed incidental sounds are mapped out across the album’s duration. Rather than serving as instrumental adornments, they become musical signposts. As with William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, the act of listening becomes an exploration of the details while being gently guided by the ambience. Whether employing glitchy rhodes tones, crackling static or eerie reverberating percussion, Sky masterfully creates and sustains an atmosphere, then transforms it subtly, carrying the listener effortlessly through and between tracks with finesse.





Israel Martínez (Guadalajara, Mexico, 1979) is a sound artist who has linked his aural production to the visual arts and text, with the aim of generating social and political reflections (usually influenced by his context in Mexico) and of assuming the listening act as a critical, poetic and, of course pleasant. These ideas are audible in this new compilation published by Aagoo Records: PAUSA, or PAUSE, in English, in which he compiles different works created in the last six years, all with a different nature: from pieces created only with field recordings, others in which he goes to the synthesis and digital processes, and also live sessions in which he tries to give just space-time dimension to each sound. PAUSA is, also, literally, the report of an artist that has slowed down his record production and his live performances, after a very active period between 2005 and 2013, in which more than a dozen of albums were published by labels such as Aagoo Records, Sub Rosa, Abolipop, Umor Rex or Musica Moderna. PAUSA is published at the same time as the premiere of the aural performance Love and Rage, awarded by the CTM 2019 Radio Lab Call in Berlin. TRACK LISTING 1. Anda 2. Pasajero 3. Delava 4. Pausa 5. Exorcizios Meditiatio Sonus 1 6. Exorcizios Meditiatio Sonus 2





2 french drummers : Anthony Laguerre (Filiamotsa, Praag ,Noctu- ra...) and Jean-Michel Pires (Bruit Noir, NLF3...) 1 music : tribal, noisy, psychedelic 7 guests : G.W. Sok (The Ex), Alexei Moon Casselle (Kill the Vultues, Numbers not names...), Don Nino (Prohibition, NLF3), Manuel Bienvenu, Benoit Burello, Pascal Bouaziz, Marie Cambois. On stage : 2 drums face-to-face, videos and voices used as a soundtrack. Club Cactus religion is minimalism. This rock band says stop to unecessary stuff : chatty guitar players, virtuoso bass players, organs too heavy to carry. Club Cactus goes back to the pure essence of drums powerful energy. TRACK LISTING 1. Rue de Seine G.W. Sok (The Ex) 2. Kim Manuel Bienvenu 3. Burn it all Don Nin o (Prohibition, NLF3) 4. Religion Alexei Moon Casselle (Kill the vultures, Numbers not names) 5. Extremophile G.W. Sok (The Ex) 6. Beautiful again Benoit Burello (Bed) 7. Club cactus 8. Lac 9. La culture Pascal Bouaziz (Mendelson, Bruit noir) 10. Une cigarette Marie Cambois





Debut album from UK alt. metallers Khaidian. TRACK LISTING 1. Pearls Before Swine 2. Dominion 3. Trigger The Landslide 4. Thrive 5. Sense Of The Spherical 6. Evasion 7. Dramatic Professions Of Martyrdom 8. Sense Of The Spherical (Remix) - Secret track, exclusive to physical release




Label:Cryo Chamber

Alphaxone & Xerxes the Dark brings an unsettling space collaboration to Cryo Chamber with Aftermath. The stars shine far more potently here than back on earth. To think that an ancient tablet buried in Babylon led you here, to these stranger suns! Your orange hazmat suit crackles with each laboured step on this jagged alien world. The science team wave you over and gesture towards a towering black monolith on a grey horizon - the signal came from there? As you approach the titanic structure a low-frequency hum, emanating from somewhere within its chrysalic surface, grows stronger. The cold electric blue of your HUD dances madly, glitching, and the survey equipment beeps furiously.



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