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December 11, 2023, 11:44 pm



Label:African Tape
Format:Vinyl LP

CHECK OUT is designed as a collection of readymade exhibition sounds and images, published as a hardcover fine-art photobook and marketed (also) as a LP record. It includes one hand numbered 10” vinyl from a limited edition pressing of 500 copies, whose tracks have been composed for / executed with a single guitar and recorded in one take during night, in the corridors of a school in Nowa Huta (Krakow, PL).

CHECK OUT is divided into sections (chapters / tracks) and has three main granularities, i.e. excess, exposure, and death. Excess as an event of exceedance that stretches time and sight. Exposure like in Latin’s ex·ponere, “to pose oneself out”, implicitly meaning interruption, abandon. Death: “Amen, CHECK OUT”. It is possible to die of exposure, i.e. dying of not being in the own Place of Nature…

Amazing fine Art photobook including a limited edition 10”

Collaborative project by Giordano Simoncini and Alessandro Incorvaia

RIYL : Gastr Del Sol, Jim O’Rourke.



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